We offer ballet classes from the beginning level to the advanced level. We teach a combination of Vagonoval (Russian) and French techniques. Emphasis is placed on correct positions and placement in the more advanced classes, while the beginning classes concentrate on a more general knowledge of the arts. Ballet classes are essential to all other dance forms as they help with technique and strengthening. We highly recommend taking ballet in combination with any other dance forms studied.

Attire: Leotard, Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes

Ballet 1— ages 6 and up. Must have completed Pre-Ballet or demonstrate proper skills and know basic ballet terminology.

Ballet 2 - ages 7 and up. Must have completed Ballet 1. Must be able to use all basic positions and terminology. We will focus on proper alignment and work on center combinations. 

Intermediate Ballet 1— at least 2 years of ballet experience. Need to have a decent knowledge of ballet terminology and technique. 

Intermediate Ballet 2 - Must have at least 4 years of ballet experience and/or a good knowledge and understanding of terminology and technique and be able to apply these things in all exercises. 

Advanced Ballet - Must have at least 6 years of ballet experience. Must be proficient in technique and able to execute steps, leaps and turns with ease. 

Adult Ballet - A basic ballet technique class intended to learn basic ballet moves and terminology and provide a good workout. We will focus on strengthening and stretching and we'll have a good time while we do it!!


Attire: Leotard, Tights, Pink Pointe Shoes/Ballet Shoes

Pre-Pointe - Must be in Ballet 2 or higher level and at least 7 years of age. Must demonstrate a good understanding of ballet technique. This class should be taken in conjunction with a ballet class as we only focus on strengthening muscles and getting ready for Pointe. 

Pointe 1 - Age 10 and at least 2 years of experience in classical ballet. Must demonstrate good strength and control of leg and foot muscles. 

Pointe 2 - Must be able to execute Pointe combinations away from the barre and with ease. 


These classes serve to develop coordination, strength and creative movement, as well as the opportunity to learn basic ballet steps and positions. Your child will learn to relate to other children and gain a sense of confidence... and have fun, too!

Attire:  Leotard, Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes

PreBallet 1— age 3 and up - no experience necessary

PreBallet 2— ages 4-6 - 1 year of preballet experience or be able to concentrate and begin learning in a slightly more structured atmosphere. Must be able to skip and gallop.


Designed especially for the toddler/preschooler ages two and up, PreTumbling teaches basic movement concepts (in/out, up/down) while moving to music. The class teaches children to follow directions while having a lot of fun at the same time! Parental/guardian involvement may be required. 

Attire: Leotard or loose-fitting clothing, bare feet.

PreTumbling 1 - beginners, ages 2-4

PreTumbling 2 - must have completed Pre-Tumbling 1 or be ages 4-5


A lightly structured class of creative movement, ballet, tumbling, and development of motor skills, as well as communication and social skills. Designed for ages 2 and up. 

Level 1 - ages 2-4

Level 2 - ages 4-6

Attire:  Leotard, tights, ballet shoes


Tap classes teach rhythm and sound coordination skills. Students develop listening skills to different forms of music and beats. Styles of tap covered consist of classical, Broadway, Irish, country, hip hop and street tap with some a capella.

Attire: Leotard or Tight Tank Top, Tights, Jazz Shorts or Jazz Pants, Black Tap Shoes  (see special shoe requirements)

Tap 1— ages 5 and up, introduces the movement of feet and sound to the dancer and an introduction to basic tap terminology. Tie tap shoes required

Tap 2— must have completed Tap 1 or be able to demonstrate the tap steps learned in Tap 1. Tie tap shoes required

Intermediate Tap 1— ages 7 and up. Must have completed Tap 2. We begin to introduce combinations of movements and begin to learn overall technique. Jazz style tap shoes required.

Intermediate Tap 2— ages 10 and up. Must have completed Intermediate Tap 1 and developed skills where tap turns and tricks are being introduced. Jazz style tap shoes required. 

Advanced Tap— Must have at least 4 years of tap experience and have an accomplished understanding of the technique, rhythm, and timing of tap. Boot style tap shoe required.
Jazz/Tap enPointe
Must take an additional pointe class. A fun and creative way to improve your pointe skills. All of those basic jazz steps and tap steps will just be done on pointe!

Attire: Leotard, Tights, Pointe Shoes


Our jazz classes are a combination of classical, hip hop and athletic-style jazz. They incorporate stretching, conditioning and technique, as well as weekly combinations to improve each dancer's own style. Jazz dance includes isolations, strengthening, turning, and leaping. Basic understanding of Ballet technique is beneficial. Jazz class should be accompanied by Ballet Class for optimal learning. 

Attire: Leotard or Tight Tank Top, Tights or Jazz Pants, see specific shoe requirements

Jazz 1— ages 4 and up, introduction to rhythm and basic body movements. Black jazz shoes required. 

Jazz 2— must have completed Jazz 1 or demonstrate use of rhythm and basic body movements. Black jazz shoes required

Intermediate Jazz 1— ages 7 and up, at least 2 years experience. Needs to demonstrate increased flexibility and an overall knowledge of jazz technique. 

Intermediate Jazz 2— must have completed intermediate jazz 1 or be able to demonstrate increased flexibility and an overall knowledge of jazz technique. 

Advanced Jazz— ages 12 and up, must have at least 4 years of jazz experience and be able to compile all flexibility, strength, and control into combinations.

Irish Soft Shoe and Irish Hard Shoe

Irish Soft Shoe is a balletic form of Irish dance featuring hops, cuts, leaps and fast footwork found in traditional Irish dance. It is notable for its rapid leg movements, while the body and arms are largely kept stationary. It will progressively increase in difficulty into more advanced reel, jig and slip jig steps found in Hard shoe Irish dance.

In Hard Shoe, you will keep the fantastic rhythm of Irish music with your feet. There are some similarities to tap dance and clogging, but Irish hard shoe is really a style of its own. It is vibrant and controlled while you feel the beat of jigs, reels and hornpipe tunes with your feet. 

Attire: Leotard, Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes


In AcroDance, the student spends time working on stretching and strengthening muscles. It also focuses on tumbling routines and mat exercises. All of this is combined with upbeat dance moves and routines involving cartwheels, back walkovers, bridges and kick-overs. All tumbling is executed on mats and done safely with spotters. For optimal performance it is a great idea to combine AcroDance with another dance class such as Ballet or Jazz. 

Attire: Leotard or Tight Tank Top, Convertible Tights or Jazz Pants, Bare Feet

Acro 1— ages 5 and up. We will work on cartwheels, somersaults, and coordination skills. Splits will also be introduced. 

Acro 2— ages 6 and up. We will work on handstands, front walk overs, and limbers, and we will begin to introduce the techniques of more advanced tricks

Acro 3— ages 8 and up. We will begin to work on more difficult tricks such as backhandsprings and aerials, as well as introduce more advanced techniques. 

Advanced Acro— Must be able to execute back handsprings with minimal assistance and all the tricks learned in level 1-3. We will continue to work on the coordination skills necessary to complete more difficult tricks. 
Adult Classes

Adult Ballet: A fun ballet class meant for those adults who have had previous dance experience. Exercises at the barre, across-the-floor and at center will build upon  previous skill set and technique, as well as enhance muscle tone and flexibility.

Adult Pointe: Meant for those with previous pointe experience, and/or for those given permission by the instructor to begin pointe work. Great for those who have always wanted to give it a try, but never had a chance when they were younger! Designed to strengthen and tone muscles, while also working on coordination, fluidity and footwork.

Zumba: A carefree dance party where you can move your body to awesome Latin rhythms.  You don't even have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow the instructor. It's easy!

Hip Hop 

HipHop is a fast-paced class utilizing the latest street dance moves. It incorporates isolations, as well as other jazz techniques into a more street approach. Our Hip Hop classes are now based on age level for placement.

Attire: Leotard, jazz pants or jazz shorts, black hip-hop shoes.

Hip Hop 1- ages 5 to 8. This class will give an overview of the basics of hip hop.

Hip Hop 2— ages 9-12. This class will begin to work and focus on styles and attitude along with the dance steps. 

Hip Hop 3 and Avanced - ages 13-up - 

Lyrical is a combination of jazz and ballet. It is a very expressive form of dance meant to use your emotions and ability to tell a story through movement. 

Attire: Leotard, tights, lyrical shoes

Lyrical 1 - 

Lyrical 2 - 

Intermediate Lyrical— ages 10 and up. Must have a ballet background. We will begin to work on lyrical steps and begin to use expressions.  

Advanced Lyrical— ages 13 and up. Must have a complete understanding of expression and freedom of movement that is essential to lyrical. We will focus more on advanced steps, tricks, and expressions.      
Musical Theater

Attire: Loose-fitting clothing, no street shoes.

Ages 8 and up. A form of dance using basic dance knowledge in Tap, Jazz, and Ballet incorporated into Broadway and Theatrical Songs. Basic acting skills are introduced. Dance experience is not necessarily required. Now offered in both the Elmira Heights and the Watkins Glen Studio.

Boys Class

Boys class is a class just for the guys! This class is a tumbling class combined with jazz and hip hop skills. The class will work on all levels of tumbling and will incorporate stretching and conditioning with jazz and hip hop combinations as well as a whole lot of fun! 

Attire: shorts, wind-pants, hip hop sneakers/Barefoot, t-shirt
Competition Team

A class that is once a week for those students who have auditioned and made the Dance Intensity team during the summer. This time is used to practice dances for competitions. We work on timing, precision, execution, etc. If interested in the competition team please contact Miss Kat.


Music and Movement

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